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Transcript of a Beaufighter Combat Mission


Office of the Senior Controller
APO 374 

1 October, 1944. 

SUBJECT : Interception on HE 111, 30 Sept, 1944. 

TO : CG, Hq 64th Fighter Wing, APO 374, U.S. Army. 

1. At 0100 hrs, target "X-Ray 5", one aircraft at Angels 4 appeared about 4 miles South of Dole Airfield. The Night-Fighter "Dream 3", was patrolling several miles below this target at Angels 6 and traveling in an Easterly direction. 

2. Lt Frahm, the Controller on duty at the GCI Station, Delaware, immediately vectored the Beaufighter into position to establish contact with the target. The Beaufighter was told 4 miles at 0108 and 2 miles at 0110. Contact was made at 0111 hrs and the bandit was shot down at 0121 hrs, just ½ mile North of Forward Ops "2". 

3. Captain Augspurger, the pilot of the Beaufighter, called Major Goldstein immediately after landing and reported the enemy aircraft to be a HE 111, painted green with yellow stripes. He also reported that it took him quite sometime to identify the target and that he was on his tail for more than
ten minutes before he positively identified the target as hostile. He then gave the bandit a burst of a few seconds, received in turn a spray of machine gun fire from the tail gunner followed by small pieces of debris, glycol, etc. His windshield was covered with glycol making it difficult to see. He landed safely at 0145 hrs. 

4. Colonel Jackson and Major Goldstein visited the wreckage of the He 111 the following morning. There was no apparent payload on the bomber; there was evidence that there were two (2) machine guns on the plane and there were 30 and 20 caliber and millimeter bullets respectively strewn all around the wreckage. 

Major, Air Corps,
Senior Controller. 

1 Incl;
Track on Interception.