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United States Space Force Exhibit

The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is the newest branch of the Armed Forces, established on December 20, 2019. Space Force members are called Guardians, and their motto is semper supra, or “always above.”

The USSF organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space. It also develops military space doctrine and acquires space systems.

The USSF was established within the Department of the Air Force. The Secretary of the Air Force has overall responsibility for the USSF under the guidance and direction of the Secretary of Defense. A four-star general known as the Chief of Space Operations serves as the senior military member of the USSF and is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Space has become essential to our security and prosperity – so much so that we need a branch of our military dedicated to its defense, just like we have branches of the military dedicated to protecting and securing the air, land, and sea.

Open access to space is vital to national defense and everyday life. For example, satellites not only power the GPS technology that the military and many others use daily, but they allow us to surf the web and call our friends, enable first responders to communicate with each other in times of crisis, time-stamp transactions in the world financial market, and even allow us to use credit cards at gas pumps.

“Space is integral to our way of life, our national security,and modern warfare. Although United States space systems have historically maintained a technological advantage over those of our potential adversaries, those potential adversaries are now advancing their space capabilities and actively developing ways to deny our use of space in a crisis or conflict. It is imperative that the United States adapt its national security organizations, policies, doctrine, and
capabilities to deter aggression and protect our interests.” —Space Policy Directive-4, February 19, 2019

Threats to US space systems include adversaries jamming or destroying missile warning, reconnaissance, communications, and Global Positioning System satellites
and other military space assets. National security depends on space systems because they are essential to everyday life and to keeping the nation safe.

The ink pen on display was used by President Donald Trump to appoint General John W. "Jay" Raymond as the USSF's first Chief of Space Operations on December 20, 2019, at Andrews AFB, MD.

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