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Artillery Threat

North Vietnamese artillery units equipped with 130 mm cannons supported their infantry and armor forces attacking into Laos. These accurate weapons ranged seventeen miles and posed a dangerous threat to the Hmong and allied forces defending Laos and were a primary target for the Ravens.

To deal with this danger, the Ravens and their allied ground forces monitored a common radio frequency. Whenever a ground unit came under attack, they radioed the Ravens for emergency support.

Although camouflaged, the artillery gun’s muzzle blast revealed its location. The first Raven in the air to spot the muzzle flash flew to the area and monitored the location. The next available flight of fighter aircraft then worked with the Raven who directed them to destroy it.

Other types of artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, and small arms fire also posed a constant threat to the Ravens and allied forces flying over Laos.

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