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Liberty Bond and War Saving Stamps Leaflets

Note: This item is currently in storage.

During World War I, the United States Treasury issued Liberty Bonds and War Saving Stamps to citizens who were eager to support the war effort. In order to promote the sale of these bonds and stamps, the Treasury Department created the War Savings Organization.

The War Savings Organization used many methods to spread the word about Liberty Bonds and War Saving Stamps. Posters, radio programs and advertisements in newspapers and magazines were just a few ways the public became aware of the effort. More extreme methods were also considered to publicize the war bond effort. In several special campaigns, leaflets were dropped from airplanes. One such leaflet, "Dropped from the Sky," was found by then 7-year-old Musser G. Mowrer and donated to the U.S. Air Force Museum in 1986. "I found this leaflet in a grass field approximately two miles east of Lancaster, Pennsylvania ... I remember the first airplanes in this area having seen two biplanes flying over together. My mother kept the leaflet in the family bible which I inherited at her death. I had forgotten all about it until I looked through the bible recently."

Another leaflet, "We are Doing Our Bit to Fly to Victory!" encouraged the purchase of War Saving Stamps and was dropped from an airplane over New Haven, Conn., in September 1918.

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