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Air Force Orange County Chopper

In 2005 Orange County Choppers Inc., in Rock Tavern, N.Y., built this motorcycle to support the Air Force Recruiting Service. Inspired by the U.S. Air Force's F-22 Raptor, Orange County Choppers incorporated the Air Force symbol into the wheel rims and shaped the rear view mirrors to resemble the F-22. The gas tank represents the cockpit, and the exhaust pipes mimic the Raptor's vectored thrust exhausts. This chopper's 131 cubic inch engine generates 150 horsepower, and the six-speed Baker right-hand drive transfers power to the 300 series Avon Venom rear tire. The motorcycle measures 10 feet, 3 inches from end to end.

During its service, the chopper reached millions of people through appearances on the American Chopper reality television show that aired on the Discovery Channel and the Military Channel. With a video documenting its construction, the chopper also appeared at over a thousand Air Force recruiting events nationwide. In 2013 the Air Force Recruiting Service transferred this motorcycle to the museum.

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