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Mistakes on the Goblets

In 1959 the city of Tucson, Ariz., presented the Doolittle Raiders with a set of silver goblets, each bearing the name of one of the 80 men who flew on the Doolittle Tokyo Raid in April 1942. Unfortunately, the jeweler who engraved the goblets made a few mistakes. Nine goblets have misspelled names, incorrect first names or middle initials, or incomplete names. Other minor typographical inconsistencies also exist, but nothing can detract from the significance of these goblets or the men who earned them.

Raider's Name Raider's Name as
Engraved on Goblet
Sgt. Wayne M. Bissell Sgt. Wayne N. Bissell Wrong middle initial
Cpl. Jacob D. DeShazer Cpl. Jacob D. Deshazer Deshazer, not DeShazer, on goblet
Lt. Robert M. Gray Lt. Robert N. Gray Wrong middle initial
Lt. James M. Parker Jr. Lt. James N. Parker Wrong middle initial; "Jr." not on goblet
Sgt. Edward J. Saylor Sgt. Edwin J. Saylor Wrong first name
Tech. Sgt. Eldred V. Scott S/Sgt. Eldred V. Scott Wrong rank at the time of the mission
Lt. Griffith P. Williams Lt. Griffith R. Williams Wrong middle initial
Capt. Edward J. York Capt. Edwin J. York Wrong first name
Lt. Lucian N. Youngblood Lt. Lucien N. Youngblood Wrong first name