Informal Shirts

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To the left is a shirt adopted by the men of Flight B, 3rd Air Rescue Service (ARS) Squadron during the Korean War for wear on informal occasions. The donor commanded this unit when it was activated in June 1950.

The shirt was donated by Col. Christopher Bressan, USAF (Ret.) from San Antonio, Texas.

To the right is a party shirt made in Thailand for informal wear and decorated with various Vietnam War rescue patches. The donor was an enlisted flight engineer on HH-53 "Super Jolly Green" helicopters, then flew more than 50 combat missions in 1972-1973. He was awarded the silver star for his efforts in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue an F-111 bombardier-navigator near Hanoi, North Vietnam. His HH-53 was damaged by enemy fire and made a controlled crash landing near the Laotian border. The crew was recovered by the second HH-53, which participated in the original rescue attempt as the "high-bird."

The shirt was donated by Charles J. Rouhier from Dayton, Ohio.

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