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Gulfstream Aerospace C-20B

The C-20B (civilian designation Gulfstream III) provided executive airlift to thousands of senior American leaders for more than two decades. During its long service, this aircraft carried former Presidents James E. Carter, Gerald R. Ford, George H.W. Bush and William J. Clinton. It also carried presidential spouses, several secretaries of state and defense, foreign dignitaries and numerous high-ranking civilian officials and military personnel.


In the early 1980s, the C-20B was selected to replace the Air Force’s aging fleet of Lockheed VC-140 JetStar aircraft. The twin-engine C-20B was equipped with improved electrical systems and avionics packages and provided passengers with secure, worldwide communication capabilities. These versatile aircraft were used extensively to access smaller airfields which could not be serviced by larger presidential aircraft.


The C-20B on display was retired to the museum in September 2015 following almost 30 years of service.



Crew: Five (plus 12 passengers)

Engines: Two Rolls-Royce Spey Mark 511-8 turbofan engines of 11,400 lbs. thrust each

Maximum speed: 576 mph

Range: 4,250 miles

Ceiling: 45,000 feet

Weight: 69,700 lbs.


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