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Metatarsal Pads

Note: This item is currently in storage.


Combat boots during World War I tended to lack the cushion and shock absorption that modern-day combat boots are designed to have. These metatarsal pads were worn with the elastic strap over the top of one’s foot. They hold the pad in place over the bottom and just behind the ball of the foot at the arch that runs across the width of the foot. These pads provided comfort and helped prevent pain and numbness caused by overextension of the toes and arch during long marches and constant standing. These WWI pads are leather stuffed with cloth and batting. Today’s metatarsal pads are primarily made of silicone gel.


These metatarsal pads are approximately 3-1/8 inches high by 2-1/16 inches wide. 

Donated by Lavere Harrington Post #2320 VFW.

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