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Motor Transport Corps Insignia

Note: This item is currently in storage.


The use of motor vehicles by the U.S. Army was in its infancy prior to and at the beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War I. Horses remained the main mode of transportation of soldiers and movement of supplies and equipment.


Training in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles had not yet become part of the U.S. Army’s training curriculum, and to accommodate this shortcoming, skilled civilian tradesmen from U.S. automotive manufacturers were the first to be assigned to the Motor Transport Corps.


The headquarters of the Motor Transport Corps was located in Tours, France, during WWI.


This insignia’s design is that of a feather stuck in an infantry helmet, which is in front of a wheel. It is approximately one inch in diameter.

Donated by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Royal D. Frey.

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