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Capt. Reed Chambers' Calling Card

Note: This item is currently in storage


This calling card was carried by World War I ace Capt Reed M. Chambers, a flight leader with the famous 94th Aero (Pursuit) Squadron.  Capt Chambers, one of America’s most famous flyers, passed these cards to his many colleagues and admirers.  It was not uncommon for other aviators at the Front to pass similar calling cards while conducting official business and to share with acquaintances.  Capt Chambers, flying a SPAD XIII, destroyed six German aircraft and one balloon in combat.


This card is inscribed on the reverse with various notes, including the name of Capt Frederick W. Zinn, an American observer who began flying with the French Lafayette Flying Corps in 1914.  In 1917, Zinn, an experienced flyer, transferred to the US Army Air Service and joined the staff at the Army General Headquarters at Chaumont, France. 


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