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Holocaust Tour Podcast

Holocaust Tour PodcastThis tour explores the "Prejudice & Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit," which is made up of photographs, artifacts and memories of people who live in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

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01 - About the Exhibit
02 - Introduction
03 - History of the Holocaust
04 - "The Terror Begins"
05 - "The Final Solution"
06 - Liberation
07 - Timeline
08 - Concentration Camp Uniform
09 - Places of Ha'Shoah
10 - Fragments of the Budapest Ghetto
11 - A Liberator's Jacket
12 - The Violin
13 - A Child's Prized Possession
14 - Henry Wyrobnik
15 - Parallel Tracks to Germany
16 - Conclusion


Please note Springfield Street, the road that leads to the museum’s entrance, is undergoing construction through the beginning of September. Expect lane reductions and some delays. Please follow the signs and instructions provided by the road crews.

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