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Cushman Model 39 Delivery Scooter

This three-wheeled utility vehicle was built in 1943 for the U.S. Army. The Cushman company of Lincoln, Neb., began making scooters in 1936 and sold 606 Model 39s to the U.S. military during World War II. These utility scooters remained in service for many years moving various equipment and supplies. The Model 39 used a small one-cylinder engine, yet could carry a fairly heavy load and could travel about 60 miles on a one-gallon tank of gas. Its yellow color and checkered flag ensured safety and visibility while driving on a flightline. This Model 39 is marked as a vehicle of the 7366th Electronic Countermeasures Squadron, 12th Air Force, U.S. Air Forces Europe, during the early 1950s.

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