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WWII Aviator Jackets

Note: This exhibit is located in the connecting link between the World War II and Korean War Galleries. 

World War II USAAF aviators often personalized their flight jackets (usually the popular leather A-2 jacket), using such painted decorations as unit insignia, artwork that appeared on their aircraft or a personal design. The extent of decoration varied, sometimes consisting only of a series of bombs or other symbols -- one for each mission. Other examples of jacket art were more elaborate. The wearer might paint the artwork himself or hire someone more talented. Today, the original, decorated jackets are highly prized artifacts. Displayed are examples of USAAF jacket art from the museum's collection.

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"Mrs Aldaflak"
"Flying Circus"
52nd Bomb Squadron
"The Knockout Drops"
"Times A-wastin'"
"The Flyin' Moose"
"Tempest Turner"
Mareeba Butchers
"Julie Mae"
"Ice-Cold Katy"
"Feather Merchant"
312th Bomb Group
307th Bomb Group

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