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  • Quentin Roosevelt Nieuport 28 Souvenirs

    Note: This item is currently in storage.These six pieces of aircraft were taken from Lt. Quentin Roosevelt's Nieuport 28 at the crash site by Sgt. Mark Thatcher on July 14, 1918. There are three small pieces of painted aircraft fabric (red, white, blue), a small piece of wood and two pieces of

  • Q-2 Firebee

    Note: This item is currently in storage.First flying in 1951, this jet-powered Q-2 Firebee aerial target with a high subsonic speed was used in ground-to-air and air-to-air gunnery training. Transferred from the 49th Civil Engineering Squadron.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.

  • Q-1 Electric Blanket

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This bag was originally designed to keep casualties warm during World War II. The donor reported that an alternative use was keeping the engines warm on P-51 aircraft.Donated by Mr. William J. Waldron.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index. 

  • Quest for Higher Speeds

    Because of the constant striving for higher speeds for its pursuit planes, the Air Service participated in many races, both military and civilian, during the 1920s. One of the first of significance was on Nov. 25, 1920, when Lt. C.C. Moseley won the first Pulitzer Trophy Race in a Verville-Packard