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  • You’re in the Air Force Now

    For those joining the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Air and Space Forces, the journey to become an Airman or Guardian begins with Basic Military Training (BMT), followed by Technical School.The Transformation: Basic Military Training Located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland since 1946, BMT teaches

  • YF-102 Turbofan Engine Blade

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This blade came from the first YF-102/ALF 502 turbofan engine that Lycoming designed and manufactured. The YF-102 engine was used on the Northrop A-9, which lost the close air support aircraft competition to the Fairchild Republic A-10.Donated by Mr. Gordon T.

  • Y-4 Horizontal Periscopic Bombsight

    Unlike previous USAF medium bombers, the B-47 carried a combination bombing and navigation system operated by a bombardier-navigator. By automating many functions, this system reduced crew size by eliminating the need for a separate bombardier and navigator. The bombardment part of the system

  • Yokosuka MXY7-K1 Ohka

    Late in World War II, the Dai-ichi Kaigun Koku Gijitsusho (1st Naval Air Technical Arsenal) at Yokosuka, Japan, designed the MXY7-K1 to teach less experienced pilots to fly the Model 11 "Ohka" (Cherry Blossom) kamikaze suicide rocket bomb. The Ohka was carried to the target under a G4M "Betty"