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  • Survival Vest

    Survival vest and items carried within worn by Maj. Edward White while flying F-105F Wild Weasel missions in 1968. White was heavily involved in the Wild Weasel program. He deployed with the first group of F-100F Wild Weasels in 1965, flew F-105F missions in 1967 and 1968 and trained Wild Weasel aircrews in the United States. The vest is on display
  • Eisenhower Jacket

    The Eisenhower jacket worn by TSgt. Ray McKinley while a member of the Miller AAF Band, including the period he was its leader following Maj. Miller's disappearance. The jacket, on display in the Air Power Gallery, was donated by Ray McKinley of Stamford, Conn. Click here to return to the Uniforms Gallery.
  • Donation of the Martin B-10

    The museum spent years searching worldwide for an example of the Martin B-10 for its collection. A wonderful example of the rich heritage of the USAF, the B-10 holds a key place in American aviation history. As the first all-metal monoplane bomber produced for the U.S. Army Air Corps in quantity, it was the predecessor to more advanced strategic
  • Air Force Vocabulary Q-Z

    Sortie: (n) an operational flight by one aircraft. Strategic Attack: (n) offensive action conducted by command authorities aimed at generating effects that most directly achieve our national security objectives by affecting an adversary's leadership, conflict sustaining resources and/or strategy.Supported Commander: (n) 1. the commander having
  • Air Force Vocabulary J-P

    Joint Force Air Component Commander: (n) the joint force air component commander derives authority to execute air operations from the joint force commander who has the authority to exercise operational control, assign missions, direct coordination among subordinate commanders, redirect and organize forces to ensure unity of effort in the
  • Air Force Vocabulary D-I

    DACT: (n) Dissimilar Air Combat Training.DCA: (n) defensive counterair. Defensive Counter Space: Operations to preserve U.S./friendly ability to exploit space to its advantage via active and passive actions to protect friendly space-related capabilities from adversary attack or interference.DIRSAPCEFOR: The DIRSPACEFOR serves as the senior space
  • Air Force Vocabulary A-C

    Abort: (v) to discontinue or abandon a takeoff, mission or action; (n) an abandoned take-off (i.e. ground abort) or mission.Administrative Control: (n) direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other organizations in respect to administration and support, including organization of Service forces, control of resources and equipment,
  • Air Intelligence Review Description

    Air Intelligence Review5 July 1949 The new Lockheed XF-90 jet penetration fighter is a heavyweight slugger combining speed, range and maneuverability. Designed to fly and fight deep within enemy territory, seeking out specific military objectives or targets of opportunity in the air and on the ground, the XF-90 is a swept-wing, needle-nosed
  • 397th Bomb Group (M)

    The bombardier in this lead plane of the sixth and final flight of a 36-plane formation centered the cross-hairs of his Norden Bomb Sight on the target. All 24 of this flight's 1,000-pound bombs are headed for the remaining span of a six span bridge. The other spans are obscured and probably destroyed by earlier flights. This pilot is leading his
  • WASP Creation

    Meanwhile plans were being made for the merging of the WAFS and the WFTD. Just prior to this merger and the establishment of the Office of Director of Women Pilots, General Arnold sent to Brig. Gen. M. G. White, the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1, a draft of a memorandum addressed to General Marshall requesting that legislation be initiated to

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