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  • Global Reach Gallery Introduction

    "American power can be projected quickly anywhere on the earth as a result of the Air Force’s ability to fly air refueling tankers and cargo planes globally on short notice. It provides swift deployment, in-flight refueling, and the means of sustaining operations from major combat to humanitarian

  • General Dynamics F-111F Aardvark

    The F-111 was a long-range, all-weather strike aircraft capable of navigating at low level to destroy targets deep in enemy territory. The versatile F-111 Aardvark entered the U.S. Air Force inventory in 1967,and the fighter version was retired in 1996 (the electronic warfare EF-111A served until

  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems RQ-1 Predator

    Technically, the RQ-1 Predator is not just an aircraft but an entire system. Developed as an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD), this system consisted of four unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a ground control station, a satellite communications terminal and 55 personnel. The Predator

  • General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon

    The F-16 on display (S/N 81-0663) was one of the first F-16s to be received by the Thunderbirds in 1982 when they transitioned from T-38s to F-16s. The Thunderbirds continued to fly this aircraft until 1992 when they converted to F-16Cs. It was then modified to operational condition and assigned to

  • Gnome B-9

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The French Gnome B-9 air-cooled engine of 100 hp was built in the United States under license by the General Vehicle Co. of Long Island City, N.Y. It was a "Monosoupape" type in that it had only one valve per cylinder. The B-9 was installed in several types of

  • GBU-15 Modular Guided Weapon System

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The GBU-15 is a 2,000-pound bomb fitted with either a TV or infrared seeker on the nose and mechanical control fins on the tail. This weapon provides significant stand-off range due to the glide capability of the bomb and the fact that targets can be acquired

  • Gremlin Mascot

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This good luck mascot -- a gremlin -- flew on all of the donor's B-17 missions over Germany from 1942-1945. The crew was part of the 482nd Bomb Group (Heavy). The mascot was made locally by a woman in the village near Alconbury Air Base, England.Although this

  • Gosport Tube

     Note: This item is currently in storage.A Gosport Tube was a voice tube used by flight instructors in the early days of military aviation to give instructions and directions to their students. It was invented by flying instructor Robert Raymond Smith-Barry at the School of Special Flying he opened

  • German Tachometer

    Note: This item is currently in storage. This tachometer is part of the museum's Eddie Rickenbacker collection.Donated by Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.

  • German Observation Binoculars

    Note: This item is currently in storage.These anti-aircraft artillery binoculars with eyepad had a counting base, a connecting cord for night reticule illumination, and a finding sight. A tripod is also included.Donated by Mr. Dennis Gutmann.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.