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  • Aircrew Combat Shirt and Trousers

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The U.S. Army distributed these two-piece flight suits to Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many aircrews preferred them because they did not bind while moving about the cabin.Donated by. Tech. Sgt. Grady L. Galvin.Click here to return to the

  • Air America Gray Service Cap

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This cap was worn by the donor's father, Carmen Sylvester, who was an Air America pilot in Vietnam and Laos from 1966-1969. Air America was a secretly owned/operated CIA passenger and cargo airline. The uniform cap represents the type primarily worn in Laos by

  • Apollo 16 USAF Flag

    Note: This item is currently in storage. This flag was carried to the moon aboard Apollo 16 during the first scientific exploration of the Lunar Highlands from April 16-27, 1972.Transferred from NASA.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.

  • Apollo 11 Commemorative Coin

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This coin commemorating the Apollo 11 mission shows an astronaut with an American flag standing on the moon's surface, along with the words "The Eagle has landed, July 20, 1969." The coin contains metal from spacecrafts Columbia and Eagle.Donated by Mrs.

  • AN-6510 Parachute Seat

    Note: This item is currently in storage.Also known as the S-1, this type was standardized on May 11, 1928. It uses a 24-foot canopy. Many pilots preferred seat-type parachutes because they allowed better freedom of movement when pilots turned their heads.Donated by Mr. Anthony Williams.Click here to

  • Autographic Kodak Camera

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This camera belonged to Carroll DeWitt McClung, who was a pilot in the Air Service with the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. He was a first lieutenant with the 28th Aero Squadron, 3rd Pursuit Group, and was discharged in 1920. He

  • AN/PRC-1 Radio

    Note: This item is currently in storage.Originally designed for use by Army Intelligence, some of these radios were used by the Office of Strategic Services. The radio is concealed in a suitcase.Donated by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Raymond Scheffler.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.

  • AN/TPS-44A Radar Set

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The AN/TPS-44A is an air surveillance command and control radar used to locate and identify airborne targets. It consists of an equipment shelter and a foldable antenna, and is transportable by truck, rail, helicopter sling lift, or cargo aircraft. The set is

  • AN/GRC-206(V)5 Radio Set

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This radio set is a modified version of the AN/GRC-206(V)3, which is a multiband radio set that includes equipment for HF/SSB, VHF/FM, VHF/AM and UHF/AM. It can be remotely-controlled from up to two miles away via fiber optic cable and includes a microcomputer

  • AN/ASQ-213A HARM Targeting System

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The High speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) Targeting Pod (HTS) is used on F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft to engage targets faster and more accurately when tasked with Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) missions. The HTS pod is mounted to the side of F-16