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Mask Policy:
In accordance with the updated guidance released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense (DoD) and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will require all visitors to wear face masks indoors effective July 30, 2021 until further notice.

Visitors ages three and up will be required to wear masks while indoors at the museum. This policy applies to all visitors, staff and volunteers regardless of vaccination status. Visitors may wear their own masks or a free paper mask will be provided. Cloth masks will also be available for purchase in the Museum Store.
Additional information available here.

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  • Anti-Aircraft Unit Patch

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This winged ammunition patch is the insignia for U.S. anti-aircraft units during World War I. With anti-aircraft being in its wartime infancy during WWI, U.S. Army anti-aircraft personnel had to learn in the field. These soldiers quickly gained proficiency in how to set up the weapon and measure size,
  • AN/MRN-12A Mobile Control Tower

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The AN/MRN-12A was used by the USAF from the 1950s into the 1970s for controlling aircraft on and near airfields, primarily during takeoffs and landings, when such airfields had no permanent control tower facilities. Under normal conditions, the mobile control tower could be placed in operation within four
  • AN/FPN-16 Precision Approach Radar and Shelter

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The FPN-16 was designed to operate as one vital element of a complete ground controlled approach (GCA) facility, guiding aircraft to final approaches in bad weather. (A complete GCA facility would include radio communications equipment and a search radar in addition to the precision approach radar equipment.)
  • AN/CPN-4 Ground Controlled Approach Facility

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The AN/CPN-4 is a complete facility, which is used to locate an approaching aircraft and guide it to a safe landing when visibility is poor. It is made up of three major systems: a two-way radio system for communication between the pilot and the controller, a search radar for locating the aircraft within a
  • Anzani 10

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The French and British-built Anzani 10 was an air-cooled radial engine of 90-100 hp. It was installed in the French-produced Caudron G.3 and later the Caudron G.4 twin-engine airplane, which appeared in March 1915. By the time the United States began sending men to France to learn to fly in 1917, Caudron G.4s
  • AN/AVQ-23 Pave Spike

    Note: This item is currently in storage.Pave Spike is a 420-pound electro-optical laser designator pod used to direct laser-guided bombs to target in day, visual conditions. The second generation Pave Spike was developed from the AN/AVQ-10 Pave Knife targeting pod that first saw operational use in Southeast Asia. USAF F-4D and F-4E aircraft used
  • Aircraft Starter Truck

      Note: This item is currently in Restoration. As aircraft engines gained in power and size, the difficulty and danger involved in starting an engine by "swinging the prop" increased dramatically. The idea of developing a mechanical means of starting an aircraft engine was first conceived by Capt. B.C. Huck, a test pilot for the Aircraft
  • Army Air Force Band Drum

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This drum, painted with the Army Air Force's insignia, belonged to the donor's husband, Sgt. Ray McKinley, who was a member of Maj. Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band during World War II.Donated by Mrs. Gretchen McKinley.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index. 
  • Army Air Corps Song Plate

    Note: This item is currently in storage.The front of the plate has the words and music of the official Army Air Corps song. It belonged to donor's father, Maj. J.M. Adamchak.Donated by Ms. Nora A. Brennecke.Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.  Find Out More
  • Army Air Corps Game

    Note: This item is currently in storage.This Army Air Corps game was produced by Parker Brothers in 1942.Donated by Ms. Kathleen White. Click here to return to the Featured Accessions index.

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