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  • Women in the Air Force – displays in Cold War Gallery

    Building the FutureThe Transition from Traditional Roles to Non-Traditional JobsDuring the 1970s, the US Air Force opened all but combat and combat support fields to women. Jobs in civil engineering and other demanding fields saw a steady increase of women. The transition from “traditional”

  • Women in the Air Force – displays in Southeast Asia War Gallery

    Air Force Women in the Southeast Asia WarHundreds of Air Force women served at bases in South Vietnam and Thailand, mostly performing “traditional” duties such as nursing and administrative work. Air Force flight nurses, many of them women, provided in-flight care to wounded personnel being

  • Women in the Air Force – displays in Korean War Gallery

    An Important Moment for Military Women Women’s Armed Services Integration ActPrior to the Korean War, women served in the US armed forces for brief periods, but returned to domestic life in peacetime.  Based on their vital contributions during World War II, the Army requested full permanent military

  • Women in the Air Force – displays in World War II Gallery

    Following the Story of Jacqueline CochranFlying with a MissionPrior to the development of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) program in the United States, Jacqueline Cochran recruited American female pilots to join the Royal Air Forces Air Transport Auxiliary during World War II. Women’s

  • Women in the Air Force – displays in Early Years Gallery

    British Female Pilots Lead the WayIn October 1941, Mary Wilkins-Ellis joined the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), a British civilian organization established during World War II to transport aircraft from factories to active service squadrons. The ATA employed pilots considered unsuitable for military

  • Flying the President

    Providing fast, safe, and reliable air transportation for the President of the United States is an important US Air Force mission. The President’s ability to travel all over the world at short notice is critical to projecting America’s diplomatic, military, and economic power.“Perfection is Our

  • 1983 Piper PA-48E Enforcer

    Note:  This aircraft was offered for exchange as part of NMUSAF Solicitation 20-001 (Closed).1983 Piper PA-48E Enforcer (FAA Registry N481PE / C/N 48-8301001) Aircraft Project, owned by the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) and determined excess to collection needs.  Aircraft

  • Global Positioning System and its Impact!

    Did you know GPS began as a military navigation tool in the early 1960s? Later the U.S. Air Force became the lead organization for developing this system. GPS benefits the world in many ways from cell phones to military weapons to work in ways that have changed our world since the 1970s.The

  • X-1 Mustang

    The X-1 Mustang is named after the first aircraft to break the speed of sound. The Mustang was one of two custom-built cars commissioned by the Air Force Recruiting Service in 2009 for its Project Supercar recruiting campaign.Built by Galpin Auto Sports of Van Nuys, Calif., this fully customized

  • Canine Warriors

    Canine WarriorsCourage and Sacrifice, Always Beside You A temporary exhibit featuring Wounded Warrior Dogs wooden sculptures by artist James Mellick will be on display in the Kettering Hall from Nov. 8, 2019 through Jan. 31, 2020. Note from the artist:Wounded Warrior Dogs ProjectI am moved by the

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