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  • SEA Prime Beef - Red Horse

    During the Southeast Asia War, the Air Force deployed specialized Prime BEEF and Red Horse engineering teams that played a critical role building up and sustaining bases.First arriving in South Vietnam in 1965, Prime BEEF (Base Engineer Emergency Force) teams gave civil engineering support for

  • Imagine Me Cutouts

    Visitors can place their faces in these imagine me cutouts for a photo opportunity. These character boards represent unique careers within the United States Military and they are located throughout the museum buildings. Click here to return to the Enlisted Exhibit

  • EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    Air Force EOD teams performed stressful and dangerous work disarming all types of explosive devices.  These duties also required ingenuity to deal with a clever enemy where one mistake could be deadly.Air Force EOD technicians neutralized malfunctioning, damaged, or degraded explosive devices. 

  • WWI Mechanics

    WWI Mechanics: Fitters and Riggers of the Great WarThe careful, precise, and detailed work of enlisted mechanics was essential to winning the air war in World War I.Although pilots received most of the glory associated with aviation, they could not have done their jobs without the hard work of

  • Enlisted RPA Pilots

    Controlled from a station on the ground, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) fly without anyone on board. They use high-tech sensors to collect near-real-time intelligence—a valuable asset in both war and peacetime.Although unmanned, RPAs still require highly trained operators to pilot the aircraft,

  • Enlisted Guardians

    On December 20, 2019, congressional legislation established the United States Space Force as a new service within the Department of the Air Force. Shortly after, the service began recruiting space and cyberspace personnel and named its members Guardians.Selected from top performers in their fields,

  • Musical Ambassadors

    Airmen serve as musicians, arrangers, and audio engineers in United States Air Force bands, where they represent the USAF to audiences worldwide. The bands’ inspirational performances honor veterans and connect the public to the Department of the Air Force through music.All band members are enlisted

  • Staff Sergeant Robert Gutierrez Jr. Air Force Cross Recipient

    On October 5, 2009, SSgt Robert Gutierrez Jr., a combat controller, was attached to a ten-man Special Forces team as the sole Joint Terminal Attack Controller. Their mission was to conduct a high-risk nighttime raid to capture the number two Taliban leader in Herat Province, Afghanistan, during

  • SSgt Anissa Shero Casualty in Afghanistan

    Air Commando SSgt Anissa Shero served as a loadmaster aboard an MC-130 Combat Talon II, call sign Chariot-55, during Operation Enduring Freedom. On June 12, 2002, Chariot-55 was tasked with extracting a three-man US Special Forces team from a dirt runway near the village of Sardeh Band,

  • Combat Jumps-Airborne Infiltration into Enemy Territory

    Special Tactics Airmen are a highly trained ground force in the U.S. Air Force. Their jobs require mental and physical toughness. Their motto of : Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere" was demonstrated when executing multiple parachute jumps into enemy territory during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi