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  • Distinguished Enlisted

    While thousands of airmen have performed their duties with honor, there were a select few whose actions reflect the highest ideals of bravery, dedication and sacrifice. Highlighted here are some examples of exceptional enlisted service in the history of the U.S. Air Force. World War I Sgt. 1st Class

  • Dust, Mud and Snow: An Airman’s Life in Korea

    Life on the K-bases remained fairly basic throughout the Korean War. USAF personnel generally lived in tents with wooden or concrete floors and stored their meager possessions in furniture cobbled together from scrap wood or crates. These tents were blistering hot in the summer and freezing cold in

  • Defending Hill 351: Allies Work Together

    On March 26, 1953, 16 F-51 Mustang fighter-bombers of the newly-created Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) led by Maj. E. Yul Yoon furiously attacked Communist ground forces attacking Hill 351. The air-to-ground action was being directed by a USAF T-6 Mosquito airborne forward air controller flown

  • Douglas B-26C (A-26C) Invader

    During the Korean War, the Douglas B-26 played an important part in the U.S. Air Force's interdiction campaign against communist ground forces. Initially, B-26 crews flew during the day, but the introduction of the MiG-15 jet fighter forced them to fly most missions at night.The Douglas B-26

  • Duty Above All: Tech. Sgt. Sator “Sandy” Sanchez

    Please note: This item is temporarily in storageTech. Sgt. Sator "Sandy" Sanchez was an aerial gunner on B-17s during World War II. He began his combat career with the 8th Air Force, 95th Bomb Group, 334th Bomb Squadron, in the fall of 1943. After having flown the required 25 combat missions with

  • Davis Leads the 99th Into Combat

    Segregation required the 99th Fighter Squadron to have a black leader. After three white officers commanded the squadron, 1st Lt. George S. Roberts became the first black to command the squadron in June 1942. In August 1942, Capt. Benjamin O. Davis Jr. was chosen to lead the outfit overseas. One of

  • Disney Pins on Wings

    The Insignia Art of Walt Disney Productions During World War II"The insignia meant a lot to the men who were fighting ... I had to do it ... I owed it to them."  - Walt Disney, 1901-1966 Walt Disney Productions created approximately 1,200 designs during World War II for both American and Allied

  • Defeat from the Sky

    The combined efforts of the 8th, 9th and 15th Air Forces were a vital contribution to the final Allied victory in Europe. The primary foe of the Army Air Forces (AAF) in Europe, the Luftwaffe, was destroyed as it unsuccessfully tried to defend the Reich.For the last six months of the war, AAF

  • D-Day Paratrooper Uniform

    This figure, dressed and equipped as a typical D-Day paratrooper is hooked up to a static line and ready to jump. Paratroopers wore specialized jump suits with large pockets to carry extra rations, ammunition or grenades. The paratrooper helmet, a modified version of the standard infantry helmet,

  • D-Day

    The first Allied amphibious troops hit the beaches of Normandy at 6:30 a.m. on June 6, 1944. Constant air cover was flown over the vast sea armada and the assault beaches, and only three Luftwaffe airplanes were sighted the first day. For the next several weeks while the Allies strengthened